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AAmbassador Safety Standards

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Safety is our number one priority. At A Ambassador Limousine & Transportation, Inc. we work hard to ensure our vehicles provide passengers and chauffeurs with maximum levels of safety. All vehicles must conform to road safety standards. A Ambassador Limousine & Transportation, Inc. owns and leases a range of vehicles equipped with proven safety features that allow for a safer driving experience. These vehicles assist in avoiding crash involvement and, in the event of a crash, perform well in terms of reducing risk and severity of injury to occupants.

Because customer needs vary by day, we have access to a wide variety of limos, sedans, SUVs, vans, and buses. A Ambassador is ready to accommodate any type of vehicle need, so that you may travel easily with your friends, family, or associates. Our services are always tailored to fit your itinerary and budget.

All vehicles are equipped with:

  • checked  ESC – electronic stability control, which helps reduce skidding or loss of control by over-steering
  • checked  ABS – anti-lock brake system
  • checked  TCS – traction control system, which optimizes grip and stability of the car
  • checked  Visibility – electronic daytime running lights to help others see you easily
  • checked  ISA – intelligent speed adaptation, safety technology that alerts drivers when they exceed the speed limit
  • checked  GPS – global positioning system, which enable the dispatcher to monitor our fleet at all times
  • checked  3 – point seatbelts – to reduce head and bodily injury

The safety driving policy seeks to establish a partnership where the employer and employee adopt a safe approach to the task of driving. Strict safety guidelines must always be followed.

Safety is the top priority at A Ambassador. We will meet or exceed all regulatory requirements while taking a proactive approach, enabling us to prevent incidents before they occur. Through constant training and ongoing communications, we are committed to providing our employees, customers, and community with safe, luxury and reliable transportation channels.

  • checked  Seatbelts must always be worn by passengers and chauffeurs before take off
  • checked  Chauffeurs are forbidden to use any kind of phone device, including hands – free mobiles
  • checked  Chauffeurs are never to exceed the speed limit
  • checked  Both hands must remain on the steering wheel at all times
  • checked  Chauffeurs are required to submit to random alcohol and drug testing
  • checked  Chauffeurs are only allowed no more than ten hour work days to prevent fatigue