A Ambassador Limo & Transportation

A Ambassador Limo & transportation has been providing an exceptional level of service. Our Reservations staff work closer together, maintaining the company's commitment in attending to the needs and requests of its customers seeking an alternative mode of transportation which is secure and reliable.

While the company's most important features are its luxury vehicles and attending chauffeurs, there is much more in delivering quality service to customers safety and comfort.

The multinational, multilingual clientele of A Ambassador Limo & transportation appreciate the standards set, reached and exceeded by our staff of professional chauffeurs and support personnel. As they travel around the Houston metropolitan area, they rely on the services that A Ambassador Limo & transportation provides: reliability, courtesy, punctuality and professionalism in every aspect.

So when you consider all that we have to offer, our more than 10 years of experience in the transportation industry the choice becomes clear and very simple. Whether you're in need of a Luxury Car or a Limo - A Ambassador Limo & Transportation is the only choice.

Our Mission

Ambassador Limousine & Transportation is the leader in the corporate transportation business in the Houston metropolitan area. Our desire is to grow in and outside our existing geographic marketplace and meet our long term strategic and profit objectives.

All chauffeurs and employees will consistently display and promote the company’s core values:

Integrity – Always showing “right” behavior

Leadership – Passion for excellence through team work

Innovation – Adaptive to ever- changing circumstances

By aligning ourselves with top-notch employees that have the desire and motivation to make Ambassador a huge success, we will be the benchmark that other companies will be measured by.

Safety is the top priority at Ambassador. We will meet or exceed all regulatory requirements while taking a proactive approach, enabling us to prevent incidents before they occur. Through constant training and ongoing communications, we are committed to providing our employees, customers, and community with safe, luxury and reliable transportation channels.